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SEO Expertise shared by proven SEO expertIn the last week, as an SEO Consultant for over 15 years, I was asked to share my SEO Expertise with two SEO publications to comment on how to do SEO for a WordPress site and what are the best SEO Monitoring Tools that I recommend to my clients

I was honored to share my SEO advice from my many years of consulting for global clients in this area. DataBox quoted my review of SEMrush in their marketing article, “35 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Features from Popular SEO Tools”.


My top 3 tips to optimize a WordPress site for SEO were also quote in an article for Capsicum Mediaworks titled, “67+ Experts Share Best WordPress SEO Tips to [Boost Rankings] in 2018”, where SEO veterans shared their own SEO Expertise.

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For many companies, SEO tactics that worked in the past are now being penalized by Google. It is critical to work with someone with proven SEO Expertise that is a leader in B2B SEO for thought-leadership and online brand positioning. When it comes to taming the beast that is SEO and making it work, you run into numerous roadblocks. In most cases, you likely don’t have the time or resources to identify, understand, and optimize for every change Google implements. The process can become quickly overwhelming with many essential tasks from managing content planning, keyword analysis, to social media signal planning.


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Running your site for a while and not getting the Google traction you deserve? To meet the requirements of constant Google major and minor algorithm changes and to avoid negative SEO practices that hurt your rankings, hiring a professional is key. A thorough SEO audit performed by an expert will reveal the holes in your current SEO website campaigns. Check out the details of my full program here >

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I offer SEO workshops to ensure your B2B business or corporation maintains top search engine visibility and develops targeted lead generation through online marketing tools. For most B2B organizations and corporations, keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and getting to the top of the hyper-competitive online search engine positions, it’s important to actively engage in the most current SEO workshops and trainings available.

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