Graphic Design and Custom Illustration

A brand that stands out these days requires a personality and it requires one that is consistent, repetitive, yet truly engaging. At Agent-cy, we invest in the best creative to deliver for our clients so that their brands stand out and win.

Our graphic design work extends at all point of buyer impression - from ad design in Google AdWords to social media posting design to affiliate banner design to print ad design to signage design and more.

We also employ professional illustrators here at Agent-cy when our clients need to design a signature brand.

Need a storyboard? A unique ad design? Social postings that stand out? We are here to help.

See examples of our work below and package pricing.

Let's get you branded online...


Logo Design 

Your brand is everything. This is where you begin and end your online reputation. Make sure your logo drives the target perception you want to grow your business.

At Agent-cy we custom design logos for all size businesses. We offer font-styled logos, custom icon logos and custom logos with taglines.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.10.21 PM (1)
Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 2.35.38 PM

Check our Logo Design packages below:

Font Style logo


Tagline with Font Style


Book Cover Design

For many entrepreneurs, standing out means writing a book that will sweep their industry. Sharing your industry and business expertise is a great way to get customers to notice your business.

At Agent-cy we design book covers for our clients with that in mind, every time. If you have your next book ready to go and are just missing that killer custom designed book cover, we have YOU covered. Get our custom illustrator to design your cover now.

Book Cover


Custom Storyboard and other Custom Illustration

Story-telling is a critical practice in today's online selling world. A proven way of doing that is through strong imagery. On staff at Agent-cy, we have professional illustrators and storyboard artists to tell your story in a way that will delight and engage your customers.

Whether you are thinking about making a movie about your business or just a simple, yet striking ad design, we can help. Check out the custom illustration options below and let us tell your story.

glow ad
Custom Storyboard
Custom Ad Illustration
Custom Character Illustration

Social Media Header Design

The key to success in social media marketing, whether you are a soloprenuer or have a large firm is to have a brand that your true fans, followers and connects fall in love with time and time again.

We are experts at meticulous social media header design. We know many times fan capture can only happen once.

Brian Silverberg

Check Social Media Header Design packages below:

Social Media Header Design
Social Media Header Design 2

Affiliate Banner Design

Do you sell products online? Have an eCommerce store? Starting to offer online subscriptions? Affiliate marketing can be a great way for you to grow your sales with online referral partners. Agent-cy has been managing affiliate programs for many years. Part of those programs which makes a huge difference between a sale and no sale is the design of the banners that partners and publishers can use to sell your products. Whether you are just starting out in Affiliate Marketing or need full management assistance, we are here to design your best program.


Affiliate Banner Design Packages - Monthly

(1)Product &


(10)Product &

(20) Product