How to Ensure a Strong Digital Marketing ROI in 2014

Digital Marketing ROI

A Digital Marketing ROI Requires the Optimal SEO & Social Media Mix

As an SEO company in New York, with considerable Social Media experience, we often times become our client’s Google search tool. Our clients come to us with questions on Digital Marketing, searching for answers. These clients, who are primarily e-commerce and B2B companies ask us things like:

  • How do I get my site to rank better in Google?
  • How do I drive more qualified traffic to my site?
  • How do I improve my conversions?
  • How do I make sure I stay ahead of my competition in SEO?
  • How do I get rid of bad news about my company in Google?
  • How do I drive more business from my website?

And not only do they want quick, actionable answers on tactical items such as these, but they want to make sure, as anyone would now in a bad economy, how they can ensure a strong Digital Marketing ROI? For instance, that their spend in SEO or spend in Social Media Marketing with an agency such as Agent-cy will drive ongoing leads and sales, every time. The needs of companies of any size, whether small, mid-size or enterprise-level are virtually the same and for good reason. A recent Adage article on B2B Marketing Budgets, predicted 2014 spending on digital marketing for B2B companies was only a 6% increase, because the economy is still lagging from the 2008 recession.

Without going too much into this damn global economy and politics, I will instead, shed a positive light about what you can do as a B2B Marketing Manager or E-commerce Manager to ensure a positive Digital Marketing ROI for 2014. Here are some of my top tips:

  • Review your current SEO and Social Media Programs. Check to see whether they are working together or against each other. Make the corrections. If you are unsure what to do, contact us for a free assessment.
  • Check your Google Analytics and WebMaster Tools to see if there are any trouble spots on your site. These great tools will also tell you important website metrics that may make every difference in driving more leads or e-commerce sales to you, including where traffic is coming from, top keywords, bounce rate, funnel flow and much more. Take the time to understand your site analytics and how this information and insight can help you to drive a strong Digital Marketing ROI from your spend in Online Media, Social Media resources, SEO and Online PR.
  • Analyze your current internal or external Digital Marketing resources. Shoot for only A players on these teams. Either let the others go or hire a trainer, like me – see my training and consulting site: Jasmine Sandler – to get your people working within the guidelines of best practices in Digital Marketing
  • Invest in the right people and right technology for your business. It isn’t enough to have analytics software, CRM tools and custom platforms running your business or marketing machine. What is the most important thing to do for your Online Marketing programs is to have a strong review of all of your tools, systems and people and then set your company up for success. The people need to understand how to best use the technology while remaining authentic to your online brand. The technology needs to be usable and serve a specific purpose to your type of business.

If you are in the world of e-commerce, you may want to consider accepting all forms of payment, including a review of Bitcoins. In a Blog post on my Blog, I covered the A.B.C’s of Bitcoins. Bitcoins could well become a universal form of currency and a Digital money that helps e-commerce sites cash out on more customers.

For B2B Marketers, the qualified leads that you gain from spends in Digital Marketing will be a direct result of how well you develop a strong, compelling online brand and drive visibility and engagement around targeted online properties. This means both the corporate brand and the personal brand of the individual executive. In my LinkedIn profiling for B2B executives work in my consulting business, I find that every executive has a unique story to tell, a unique personality and strengths, that when drawn out to shine on the web help their companies drive more business than CEOs who stay in the dark about Social Media Marketing.

In my next post, I will share selected client stories about Digital Marketing ROI. For a review of Social Media ROI I did for read:



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