Introducing the NEW Agent-cy

Agent-cy has been helping small businesses stop struggling with making online marketing work to grow their businesses since 2006, but after a year of new team-building and hard work , we are delighted to officially announce the re-launch of our site and services. Our goal with this updated website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Agent-cy services as well as giving our current/prospective clients the ability to find useful information about our array of products. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client successes in the testimonials section.

In addition to updating our products and services offered, we have overhauled the Agent-cy Team to now include inhouse graphic designers, content editors, a seasoned creative director, and a project manager. We are here to support you in the growth of your small business.

So how can we help you?

Whether you have been over-spending in Google Adwords, struggling with social media to drive results, can’t figure out how to improve your website effectiveness, can’t seem to get the right web traffic or volumes of traffic, have no help to produce proper viral videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or spend too much time blog writing, we can help! We specialize in SEO Training & Consulting offering many flexible SEO options for companies that want to outsource as well as B2B organizations that want to grow their own in-house SEO teams. In addition to our SEO work, our Social Media Marketing team works closely with both our Corporate clients who need Social Media Strategy and Social Selling Training AND with our Small Business clients who need Social Media Design and Social Media Management.

We are very excited to announce several NEW service offerings from Agent-cy. The first of which being Video Production as video marketing is becoming the standard (emarketer predicts video advertising to exceed search advertising this year) and it is important for all savvy web marketers to consider video. Done effectively, video can help you gain online market share. Web Video helps to create highly engaging and meaningful interactions effectively setting you apart in a crowded online marketplace.

In addition to Video Production, we have integrated both Graphic and Web Design into our service offerings. Our graphic design work extends at all point of buyer impression – from ad design in Google AdWords to social media posting design to affiliate banner design to print ad design to signage design and more. We also employ professional illustrators here at Agent-cy when our clients need to design a signature brand. Need a storyboard? A unique ad design? Social postings that stand out?

We have developed a team of web masters – from web design and development, SEO development, user experience methodology, to web copy-writing. You name it. We have everything you need to design, build, and scale a website that will drive impact from qualified leads to online sales of products and services.

We have packages for the start up to the small business all the way to multi-national corporations.

We hope you find the new website fresh and helpful we worked hard to make sure it contains valuable information to assist you with growing your small business! Contact us for more information or schedule your free 10 minute needs analysis!

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