Karen Hochman – Agent-cy Content Editor

Agent-cy Content Editor

Agent-cy Content Editor

Karen Hochman migrated from traditional marketing to digital marketing 14 years ago, with VP Marketing positions at two dot-coms and the subsequent creation of TheNibble.com. Previously, she had worked in brand management at American Home Products and Citigroup, and was president of the Integrated Marketing division of Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor. She has won both EFFIE and Caples Awards for marketing effectiveness. Her articles have been published in DM News, Advertising Age, Bank Marketing and other industry publications. She is the author of the chapter on customer loyalty programs in the Direct Marketing Handbook (McGraw-Hill). As founder and chair of the New York chapter of Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), she jump-started the nationwide expansion of the group from 200 people in Connecticut to more than 1,700 members nationwide. She has served on the Board of Directors, Association of Direct Marketing Agencies, Executive Vice President/Board of Directors, Direct Marketing Creative Guild, and on the Board of Directors of MENG.

Karen Hochman – Agent-cy Content Editor is responsible for assisting in the development and editing of Agent-cy online marketing materials as well as editing client online content.

To connect with Karen directly, go to: www.linkedin.com/in/karenhochman

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