Digital Marketing for Artists

Agent-cy provides full Digital Marketing for Artists, from logo and character design to live show video production, audio engineering, personal website design and efficient social media phone coaching.

We work with artists of all types - from musicians to illustrators, to dancers to theater show creators.

For universities and schools for performance and design , under our JS Media brand, we provide Social Media Training , Education and Consulting to Record Labels and Music Publishers.

We offer managed programs, packages, custom solutions, coaching and workshops. We highlight new local band clients here monthly. Join us and start growing your own or your artists' online audiences! Free initial consultations available.  Check out (and support) some of our local band, artist and performer clients:

Want a professional character for your BAND? Need T-shirt designs? A professional logo design? We do it all! Start branding for as low as $99!!

Check out our Branding services for Bands

Do you need a professional video and audio in the studio? Yes? Distribution? Yes? Get seen for as low as $299!!!

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Jasmine Sandler Shares Branding & Marketing Secrets for Musicians on the Natalia Music YouTube Series. Watch it Now!

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Jasmine Sandler Speaks to global audiences on the subjects of Social Branding for Entrepreneurs. Social Selling tactics and SEO future strategies for business.

Jasmine Sandler provides online courses with optional coaching to Artists of all types on how to build and grow their personal brands and careers. Check out her courses on COURSES.JASMINESANDLER.COM

 CEO of Agent-cy

Social Branding & Selling Speaker, Trainer & Consultant | Lead Singer & Songwriter

Jasmine Sandler is a global Social Media Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. She is the CEO of Agent-cy Online Marketing and JS Media. Jasmine has been providing solid Branding and Marketing advice to artists for well over 15 years. As a singer and songwriter herself in her own JazzRock band, Silent Fury, Jasmine has a special place in heart for supporting fellow musicians make music their full-time careers.

She is the creator of the comprehensive DIY Personal Branding and Social Media course for Artists and provides custom on-site and online courses for music colleges and universities. For music publishing companies and record labels as well as music member-associations, Jasmine has delivered over 500 Social Business Keynote Presentations.

►Creation and sale of a Social network with over 300,000 users
►Delivery of 100+ Social Media Marketing plans to corporate marketing teams
►Creation & delivery of Social Media Training programs to Fortune 500's:
►Social Media Marketing Consultant to 100+ executive clients
►Executive Branding Adviser to 100+ clients

►Top Social Media Consultant - LinkedIn (2017)
►Top Rated Speaker on  Social Selling (2016 Salesforce)
►Top LinkedIn Sales Coach - GOOGLE (2016)
►Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategist in the Online Marketing industry (2012-2016)
►Top SEO Influencer on Twitter (2014)
►Top Content Marketer (2014).

►“Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way" [Manual for LinkedIn Marketing & Sales]
►"How to Brand Yourself Online Like a CEO".[Manual for Personal Branding in Social Media]

►CBS Segment - "Sell Your Selfie"
►NBC - "YouTube and Social Brand Value"
►WPIX - "Social Branding - UK vs US" -
►The New York Times - "Branding and Selling on LinkedIn for Linkedin Marketing Optimization"

For individual artists and bands, Jasmine provides phone and online coaching; for music colleges and member-associations, Jasmine provides custom course delivery and Keynote Speaking. Contact her for a FREE Training consultation.