Online Branding Service

Need a strong online brand to drive audience development? Credibility in   the marketplace?


Agent-cy’s comprehensive online branding service gives small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to compete and win in the marketplace. As experts in story creation, we create your brand identity to convey a positive and compelling message to your audience.

Our branding program includes brand identity, messaging, web copy, social media design, e-mail design; web site design and development.

No company can last these days without a strong brand image, this is why the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign rests largely upon having the best branding possible.

While other agencies will just put some pretty colors next to a nice image and call it branding, Agent-cy works with you to develop the brand that customers will respond favorably to. So whether you are a professional services company, e-commerce site or retail store and you need to revitalize, enhance or develop a new brand image entirely, you need the branding delivered by Agent-cy. The supporting materials and components you receive will drive you to success, by promoting brand visibility brand, loyalty and driving online sales.

With Agent-cy, you get a project manager who will guide you through our branding process, which will create for you, a genuine online presence through our array of tools:

  • Quality website design
  • Engaging Social Media Page designs
  • Professional branded color schemes
  • Custom designed logo and tag line creation
  • Banner static and interactive advertising that compel people to buy or remember your brand
  • Memorable business card design

Why should you use Agent-cy’s Online Branding service:

  • You need to strengthen your brand
  • You need a real unique identity to separate yourself from your competitors
  • You need brand transparency across all online marketing mediums
  • You don’t have the time or people on staff to manage your brand