Email Marketing

Need help understanding what your clients online buying behaviors are so that you can keep in communication with them and build a long-term relationship?

Agent-cy’s Lifestyle E-Mail Marketing Program TM is the answer. We know how to stay in communication and engagement with our clients’ audience. E-mail marketing can be a highly profitable tool in the online marketing mix, but its success is heavily impacted by the knowledge and expertise of the people running the campaign. Anyone can write ineffective content and blast an email out to an untargeted list. Agent-cy professionals know what it takes to make email marketing work for business and we do so at affordable rates. We can do this because we know the components of a great email marketing campaign. We understand the importance of e-mail rendering, personalization, frequency and product selection based on buying behavior and viral communications.

Our e-mail marketing program combines real audience research with personalization, segmentation of appropriate content, an Agent-cy professional copy writer as well as project manager to handle production and ongoing analysis.

Why You Should Choose Agent-cy’s Lifestyle E-Mail Marketing Program?

  • You get a dedicated professional writer
  • We approach e-mail marketing with your brand perception in mind
  • We work to understand your buyer behavior
  • We work with an advanced survey program to ensure you gain quarterly insights into your target’s response to your online programs
  • We understand that e-mail recipients are busy and need to be reached with information they want and know how to engage them
  • We are specialists in defining online consumer behavior from an individual level
  • We have experience and agency partnerships with Constant Contact, IContact, MailChimp, Vertical Response and many others

Contact us to find out how our Lifestyle E-Mail Marketing Program TM can help you build a long-term relationship with your customers and build new relationships