Online Media Buying

Need to reach a large targeted audience with a new brand, promotion, product or service with a limited budget and on a dedicated timeline?

Agent-cy’s Online Media Buying Service is what you need.
With a background in media buying for the largest ad agencies on Madison Avenue, Agent-cy’s media buying team are experts in media buying strategy, planning, execution and reporting. We also act specifically on behalf of clients with smaller media budgets as we are very cost-effective in the way that we buy and our rates are much less than that of a bigger Media Buying/Planning agency.

Our process is clear and comprehensive:

Online Media Planning – We discover your campaign objectives and specific metrics and sample creative. If you need creative developed, we can handle that as well. We then brainstorm to define a strategy and identify appropriate ad networks, web portals, content sites and target audience sites. This requires targeted media research which we complete via RFP to each site. Once we have a targeted list of publishers, we negotiate best prices based on a specific ROI. At this point, we present you with a custom media plan which includes site audience and size, placement sizes/ad opportunities, impressions purchased, and projected visitor counts.

Implementation – Once we have our client’s approval, we then take the final creative and place on the targeted sites, including tagging for each piece of creative. At this point the campaign is launched. Once launched , we immediately provide screenshots of the placements and then full reporting each month. Further, we recommend and complete any necessary media optimizations. Post campaign, we analyze performance deeply and explain the metrics we provide.

Why You Should Choose Agent-cy Online Media Buying Service?

  • You are a small-mid sized business, yet need to drive targeted , high volume awareness around a specific promotion of new product/service online
  • We cater our service to smaller businesses based on lower media buying budgets
  • We are experts in branding strategy, which aids in driving those “brand” impressions

Need to drive thousands of targeted impressions and click-throughs?