Paid Search Management

Are your competitors in those paid search ads and you want to “advertise with Google” as they say, but don’t know how much to spend and are cautious about advertising?

Agent-cy has been managing paid search programs for small and mid-sized businesses since our inception. Our professional copy writers do the ad work and our web analytics people ensure that your landing pages drive “conversion”, which can be a qualified lead capture, download of a whitepaper or article or an online sale. We fully project manage this program to provide weekly reporting on budgets, keywords, geographic concentration, and of course ROI by each keyword.

Our goal for every Paid Search client is the same – a fully optimized PPC program, so that every keyword and every ad is converting into qualified traffic to your site and that that traffic is converting into clients/customers for you. As an agency serving small and mid-sized services firms, Agent-cy provides flat rate, cost-effective pricing depending on necessary PPC volume for your business. Choose from one of our Paid Search packages today or contact us to discuss your PPC management needs.

Why You Should Choose Agent-cy for Paid Search Management

  • We assign both a professional copy writer and Paid Search Marketing expert to each client
  • We have a team of Google Adwords Certified Experts
  • We do serious upfront direct marketing and lead generation strategy before we jump into paid work

Our PPC program is driven to give businesses quick ROI and effective advertising to drive increased online qualified leads and sales. Contact our Paid Search people to start driving qualified leads to your business.