Online Marketing

Does your company need professional help testing the online marketplace? Agent-cy’s team of online marketing experts have over 40 years combined experience managing online marketing campaigns for both small and large companies. True to our mission, Agent-cy has developed custom fit programs that are affordable and effective for small businesses interested in online marketing.

Why you should choose Agent-cy for assistance in Online Marketing:

  • We have experience in helping over 50 small businesses and mid-sized organizations achieve brand awareness and audience development online
  • We have developed online marketing programs based on our clients’ feedback on priorities and price
  • We offer professional project management to every client for our managed online marketing service

We have an excellent track record of quality work and timely response in online programs.

Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy has always been Agent-cy’s expertise. We have helped countless business owners and marketing directors shape strong market position online for their companies by giving them a solid picture or roadmap of their challenges and opportunities in online marketing. Agent-cy’s passion for strategy is evident in what our clients have to say, “I’ve had dozens of marketing plans by dozens of consultants and they always end up in the trash. With Agent-cy’s online marketing plan, I couldn’t believe it – solid and execution able ideas with real direction for our company.” CEO, Language Interface , 2010.

Our strategy and planning can help you to use the right online marketing mix for your particular business in the right way to drive results on your budget. Our online marketing action plan will tell you exactly when, where, how to and with how much to market online. Led by Jasmine Sandler, President of Agent-cy and frequent speaker and writer on Online Marketing Strategy, our strategy team is heralded as a leader for small and mid-size businesses.

Why You Should Choose Agent-cy for Online Marketing Strategy?

  • We have an excellent track record of successful strategy work for all different types of companies
  • We have a proven methodology that produces results
  • We are known speakers on the subject of online marketing strategy
  • If you go to market online without a sound, professional strategy you will waste time and money

The Internet road is huge. Don’t drive on it without a road map.