SEO Training Program

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical digital marketing practice which drives top-line target brand visibility for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The problem company executives have when it comes to investing in this marketing tool is that they do not know who to trust, how it works, when to expect results, how much to invest and for how long. This intensive SEO advanced workshop addresses these problems and delivers actionable answers. Executive attendees will be left with a full understanding of SEO, including:
  • What are the 6 core elements affecting Search Engine Visibility?
  • What are the Technical elements of on-site SEO?
  • What is a Keyword Strategy and How Does Your Marketing Team Create One?
  • What Google and other major search engines expect from your Website User Experience
  • How to approach Content Marketing to support Search Visibility
  • How Social Media Marketing and Online PR Affect Search Visibility
  • What a proper SEO Team Needs to Look Like
  • The Profile of a Sound SEO Agency
  • How to Measure SEO Results
  • Budgetary Consideration of SEO as an Ongoing Marketing Program
In the half-day offering, the focus is on helping attendees to understand how SEO works, provide guided exercises for creating their own SEO Strategies and starting to do some SEO execution work in a program. The full-day offering includes all the half-day, plus a specific focus for C-level executives on how to budget for SEO, how to hire for SEO, how to manage SEO resources or how to analyze an effective and results-driven outsourced SEO firm. Click here to learn more: SEO AND PAID SEARCH PROGRAMS - AGENT-CY - 2018