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Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization
The talk amongst web marketing managers everywhere seems to rest on these two topics:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Optimization (SMO)

And so, for this blog post, I wanted to provide you something to start your week off with some immediate things you can do to positively affect these two areas. After all, you are making online marketing decisions that will drive the fate of your online or offline businesses (e-commerce managers, web managers, online marketing managers, online sales managers and the like). Therefore, you need to not only understand what these programs are; but also how they will affect your business and how you can manage them to achieve visibility, engagement, qualified lead generation and online sales.

Your success in online marketing and in use of these and other programs is based on how well you create a custom, effective ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY that can be executed through such (SEO, SMO, CRO, etc.) programs to drive results outlined as goals in such strategy. And so, let’s take a look briefly at what drives these two programs and how you can create strategies for each one for your business so that you can succeed online, both in the short and long-term:

Search Engine Optimization – As online marketing professionals know…two factors make up most of the results of SEO….on-site optimization and off-site optimization. SEO results are now factored by general social media activity(commenting, re-tweeting, liking et all) , on-site content, link quality/relevance/volume and varies of listings, press release placement (PRO) and more. SEO takes, time, continued effort and strategy. So how do you create an SEO plan that will work? Here are some top level guidelines. SEO Strategy tasks for you to work on this week:

Based on a SWOT analysis, determine messaging behind your market position you hope to gain. Use that messaging as your SEO brand keyword phrase. For example, we assisted City Lights Cruises in determining “party cruise” as their market diffferentiator and handled city specific SEO so that they earned #1 organic position for Party Cruise New York, Party Cruise Chicago, etc etc etc

Come up with separate keyword lists for your different audience types. For example, for lovers of Duty Free Jewelry, we assisted in earning top organic position for Duty Free Jewelry and for those who preferred rare, finite jewelry no matter the price, we helped rank in top position for Tanzanite Jewelry.

Determine a plan for where you want to rank – local, regional, national, global. As an example, Ivanexpert, a mac consulting firm, wanted to only focus on clients in their local, NYC area and so we helped them rank multiple times on page 1 for apple consulting nyc.

If you would like to see how we can help, e-mail us your answers [email protected] with your top 10 keywords and website and we’ll tell you what is your best SEO plan at no charge to you.

SEO and SMO at this point, need to be reviewed as one. There is no sound SEO program without SMO at this point. Optimizing for social media means that your SEO strategy must be a part of your Social Media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc, etc).Further to optimize for Social you must have an effective social strategy that calls for viral marketing campaigns, engaging target messaging, types and frequencies of content(online video, photos, messaging). So what do we have for you in store for this week’s Social Media Optimization tasks:

Take an inward look at your business, executive management team, products, employees, customers, clients, conference work and marketing programs. Write it all down. From there, determine what “content” has been popular that you may have produced over the last 6 months. Was it a whitepaper that was shared and led to a new client? Was it a video that received hundreds of comments and views? Was it a blog post or online article that was shared or picked up by another blog or the media? Was it a speech you delivered , where you started to build your name because of its popularity? Was it a contest you ran for one or more of your online product that drove up sales? What was it? From there, then list in popularity order the content that seems to engage and go with that.

Take a look at your current SEO program. Are you following keyword management guidelines in your blog postings, commenting, tweets, re-tweets, profiles, status updates, video tagging, etc? If not, why not?
Review what you have done in using social media to drive user engagement. Have you planned for content by topic, event, contests? How have you followed up? What were the customer.client engagement results? How are you tracking? What measurement tools are you using?

If you would like to see how we can help, e-mail us your answers [email protected] and we’ll tell you what is your best SMO plan at no charge to you.

We hope that these tasks will help you focus in on what you can do TODAY to positively affect your SEO and SMO results tomorrow. Happy Online Marketing from the Agent-cy team!

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