SEO Services

Agent-cy believes in SEO Education first.

Educating you on the SEO Process is the Key to Your Success

At Agent-cy we pride ourselves in the delivery of honest, well managed, results-driven Search Engine Optimization programs (SEO). SEO and SEO Services when done correctly either in-house or outsourced can spell a world of difference for Google rank and online lead generation and web traffic on a constant basis.

We understand, as having been an SEO Services provider since 2006 that you may have been burned by other SEO companies, been frustrated with the SEO process or even just plain do not understand how SEO works! This is why the Agent-cy SEO Team, led by Google Awarded SEO Expert Jasmine Sandler believes in 100% SEO education!

To get you started, listen in to a Jasmine Sandler SEO Keynote Speaker SEO talk at the Digital Marketing Global Conference in 2016:

What You Can Expect from Engaging Agent-cy in Your SEO Work

› Clear Communication and Education

› A Proven Path for Rank Success

› Full Service SEO  Services

› Your Business Will Own a Market Position in Search

› Increased Market Share

› Ongoing Qualified Leads

The practice of SEO is always evolving and the Agent-cy team stays on top of these changes to ensure that our SMB B2B clients not only gain initial rank and target market position online but stay there for the long-term. At Agent-cy we firmly believe in educating our clients and in being transparent in what we deliver. This sets us apart as an SEO agency since 2006.

We are a different kind of SEO Services firm in that we offer flexible SEO offerings for companies that want to outsource as well as B2B organizations that want to grow their own in-house SEO teams. You can choose from the following SEO service options:

SEO Consulting Services

For companies that are looking to ensure that their new online brands and websites are optimized properly for their business driving keywords, the Agent-cy team offers immediate SEO Consulting Services for on-site optimization and off-page SEO coaching.

This program is a one-time program intended to deliver on-page optimization and help to educate and coach an internal marketing team.



  • Business Review
  • Competitive Review in Search
  • On-site Technical Review
  • Content Review
  • Content Optimization Guidelines
  • Technical Guidelines and Review

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SEO Managed Services

For companies that want a team of SEO professionals to fully manage their Search program to improve Google rank on a monthly basis and deliver ongoing results reporting, we offer a fully managed SEO solution.

For companies new to SEO it is critical to understand that SEO is an ongoing digital marketing practice and it takes time to rank, especially in competitive markets and then to sustain rank. Agent-cy has deep experience in driving rank for local businesses, regional companies, and global organizations.

In this, we deliver:

  • Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit
  • Full Content Audit
  • SEO On-site recommendations and implementation
  • Full Project Management
  • Monthly ongoing local, regional, national and international off-page SEO services
  • Access to Client Dashboard for all reports

We have different programs based on your business. Contact us to get a break-down of all of your options.