Social media management is more than just posting updates to your  social media profiles, whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a band or a small business. It includes engaging with your fan base and looking for new opportunities into increase your own reach and visibility. For most people, there just isn’t enough time or resources to spend to nurture an effective social media strategy. Not to mention execute it on an daily basis.

At Agent-cy we offer multiple options for Social Media Management from one to many channel management. All Social Media Management for NYC bands and entrepreneurs include: Social Media Channel Design, Social Media copy writing, social media post design, social media show marketing and daily fan growth! Check out the social media management options below.

Social Media Marketing And Fan Growth Services


  • Buy 1 Channel

Social Media Management 2 Channels

$900 / Month

Social Media Management 3 Channels

$1275 / Month

Social Media Management 4 Channels

$1600 / Month

Social Media Management 5 Channels

$1875 / Month

Social Media Management 6 channels

$1950 / Month